The step challenge


The Challenge

During the Mental Health Awareness Week, 13 to 17 May, we decided to encourage people to get active as a small amount of daily walking can result in significant health improvements, both mentally and physically. It also fitted well with this year’s Mental Health Awareness focus to promote a healthy body image.

 40 people across both offices signed up to the step challenge and logged their daily steps. In the Cambridge office a daily 8am walk was organised to help people improve their step count.

The Results

 At the end of the week we had walked as a team, a mammoth 1,953,170 steps (approximately 1,488 km), equivalent to walking from Cambridge to Rome.

Congratulations to our star walkers - Jan Holmes for walking the most steps on a single day (25,506) and Rupert Melville-Ross for walking the most steps for the whole five days (85,998).

A special mention also goes out to Sabrina Sears, Kevin Hanson, Dom Holmes, and Scott Parmenter for each walking over 20,000 steps in a single day.


The CSR Committee contributed money for any one getting more than 5,000 steps in a day, which meant that a whopping £1,235 was raised and donated to our three CSR2020 mental health charities.

We really appreciate everyone getting on board with this challenge and making the event such a success.

Due to the popularity of the daily 8am walk, it has a regular weekly slot on Wednesday mornings in our Cambridge office.

Katrina Leach

Nick Mann