CSR2020 Campaign Supports Improved Mental Health


Launched earlier this year, the new CSR2020 initiative at Taylor Vinters has already raised thousands of pounds for mental health charities.

CSR2020 is the brainchild of five Taylor Vinters trainees based in our Cambridge and London offices. With the support of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team, the two-year campaign is focused on raising awareness of mental health issues both within the firm and externally.

Integral to the campaign is firm-wide support of these three local charities:

  • Papyrus, a charity preventing suicide in young people, with an office in London

  • Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and South Lincolnshire (CPSL) Mind, which is affiliated to national mental health charity, Mind, but funded independently

  • Centre 33, a charity helping young people in Cambridge by relieving and preventing suffering caused by issues such as mental health

“The firm has backed us from the outset, including giving us the autonomy to choose the charities and form our own connections,” says Taylor Vinters’ trainee Alexandra Walker. “We unanimously decided to focus on raising awareness of mental health problems and supporting charities that help tackle these issues.”

Hitting targets

The CSR2020 initiative was launched with an event that saw inspirational and engaging speakers from each of the above charities share the importance of their work and the vision of the CSR2020 campaign.

CSR2020 set an initial target to raise £5,000 over a 20-month period. Within the first six months of the campaign, this total has already been reached through a host of fundraising events supported by the whole firm.

Taylor Vinters’ associates Rachel Bevan and Katie Allen organised the annual charity netball tournament, now in its sixth year, which involved 20 organisations from across Cambridge. A raffle, supported by generously donated prizes from a host of local organisations, and a bake sale raised money alongside the netball tournament.

Georgina Barry, a Taylor Vinters’ trainee, says: “We had no idea how successful this campaign would be, so we set a conservative fundraising target. The amount raised so far has surpassed all expectations. We are now confident that we can more than triple this figure by the end of the project.”

Faster, further, smoothie-er!

Promoting fitness and wellbeing, and timed to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19 May), each team at Taylor Vinters was encouraged to enter a ‘Smoothie Bikes’ competition. Participants were challenged to cycle as far as they could on a stationary bike, with pedal energy used to mechanically power a smoothie blender. Taylor Vinters donated £1 to the CSR2020 campaign for every kilometre cycled during the event.

“There was also a Steps Challenge to help us all get more active.” says Jessica Scheps, a Taylor Vinters’ trainee solicitor, “If any individual took more than 5,000 steps in a day, Taylor Vinters made further donations to the CSR2020 chosen charities.”

Alongside these internal Taylor Vinters’ fundraising events, there are also plans to support regional and national events held by each of the charities throughout the year.


How to get involved

Everyone at Taylor Vinters is getting behind CSR2020, but the team is also hoping to boost engagement and involvement from organisations and people outside the business.

“Although this is a trainee-led project, we would like it to be a collaborative effort,” explains Katrina Leach, trainee solicitor at Taylor Vinters. “Communicating and engaging in broader conversations is central to raising awareness of mental health issues and the way they affect people. So we would like as many people to get involved as possible so that they can share their views and experiences.” 

Alex Smith added: “We’re not experts in mental health, so would also be really grateful for anyone with specialist experience and expertise to share their knowledge and help make this project even better.”

For further information, please contact one of the trainee lawyers in the CSR2020 team.