Thursday 16 May


12:00 – 13:00 – Prioritising Yourself

Presented by Joanna Shurety

Why looking after yourself should be top of your agenda – prioritising our own self when the work, family, friends and internal pressures are vying for our attention can mean than self-care is way down on the list. In this session we explore the things we can do (and try) that will push ourselves up that list. 

Cambridge book here – VC to London book here.

13:00 – 14:00 – Technology Matters – How to protect your children online

Presented by Rachel Vecht

Undoubtedly digital technology offers tremendous advantages to children but can also bring potential risks and challenges. This practical session is designed to explore how parents can help their children manage these risks and challenges, just as we help and guide them in other areas of their lives. Internet safety is not so much about control and coercion but communication and cooperation to ensure that when you need to, you can get the kids off that screen!!! The seminar outline includes: 

  • Talking to your child and establishing boundaries

  • The risks: cyberbullying, grooming, sexting, plagiarism, inappropriate websites, viruses, privacy and identity theft

  • Safety tools and parental controls to protect your child

  • Useful websites and resources

  • Open forum for questions and discussion

London book here. VC to Cambridge book here

14:15 – 15:15 – 5 Habits to Healthy

Presented by Joanna Shurety

Simple, one stop shop to 5 basic health improvements that have the biggest impact. This session is a whistle-stop tour and will give participants some simple options to try out and experience the benefits.

Cambridge book here – VC to London book here.

15:30 – 16:30 – Kick the Sugar

Presented by Joanna Shurety

Kick start your energy – sugar has a bad press and rightly so.  If we find ourselves constantly drawn to sugar for energy it adds stress to the body and leads to many chronic health conditions. Here we look at what sugar does to the body and what we can add into our lives to push sugar out, simply and easily.

Cambridge book here – VC to London book here.

Joanna Shurety

Finding my own passion and path to good health led me to moving from a corporate career to becoming a qualified accredited Health Coach and Nutritional Therapist.

In a world that makes good health difficult to achieve and unnecessarily complicated, my role is to introduce you to methods of removing the complex and providing a simple and personalised route to sustainable health, on your terms.

Rachel Vecht

Rachel trained as a primary school teacher at the Institute of Education and taught in both the state and private sector. She has also worked as a University mentor and lecturer to student teachers. Over the past 18 years (in addition to becoming a mother to 4 children), she has written and delivered 'Educating Matters' seminars to thousands of working parents in the corporate and public sector. She continues to teach children privately at home and has hands on involvement in schools through her role as a School Governor.

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